Chipotle Hours

Chipotle Hours.

What time does Chipotle close?
What time does Chipotle open on Saturdays and Sundays?
When does Chipotle close on Christmas Eve, Easter and for Thanksgiving?

See all answers below.

Chipotle Hours of Operation.

Most Chipotle restaurants are open at these hours:

Monday to Sunday: 11 am to 10 pm.

However, a few locations have different opening times, for example Chipotle restaurants located in malls and airports. These restaurants will close, when the mall closes.

You can double-check individual restaurant hours by using the location finder on Chipotle’s own website.

Chipotle Holiday Hours.

Chipotle restaurants are CLOSED on these holidays:

  • Chipotle Hours – Easter Sunday
  • Chipotle Hours – Thanksgiving Day
  • Chipotle Hours – Christmas Day
  • Chipotle Hours – Independence Day (4th of July.)
  • Chipotle Hours – New Year’s Day

Also, most of Chipotle restaurants have limited hours on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

If you are in doubt then please call your local restaurant first.

Most Chipotle Restaurants are OPEN on these holidays:

Chipotle Hours – New Year’s Eve.
Chipotle Hours – Christmas Eve.
Chipotle Hours – Martin Luther King Jr’s Birthday
Chipotle Hours – George Washington’s Birthday
Chipotle Hours – Memorial Day
Chipotle Hours – Labor Day
Chipotle Hours – Columbus Day
Chipotle Hours – Veteran’s Day

Chipotle Locations.

Search for Chipotle locations in your city or state by visiting our Store Locator page.

Chipotle Menu.

You can now browse the full Chipotle menu with prices on our menu page.

-Chipotle hours of operation and closing times.-

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