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Kohls Coupon Codes for 30% Off and 20% Off.

Where can I find the newest Kohls coupons for 30% off?

Can I use different Kohls promo codes and “stack” them for extra savings?

Is there a Kohls free shipping code with no minimum purchase?

Find Kohls coupons here and save up to 50% on your appliance purchases. We aim to add the latest Kohls printable coupons and Kohls coupon codes here, when they become available.

What is Kohls?

Kohl’s Corporation is a US department store chain, which has its headquarter in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. As of 2012 they operate 1,089 stores in 49 states. The chain is the 24th-largest retailer in the United States.

Maxwell Kohl founded his first supermarket in 1946, the first in what would later become a chain known as Kohls Food Stores. In 1962, he started his first department store in Wisconsin and the concept was to bridge the gap between the higher-end department stores and the discount stores, selling pretty much anything from clothes, to groceries and furniture.

A group of investors purchased the company in 1986 and started an aggressive expansion campaign. As of 2011, Kohl’s stores were present in all 50 states, except Hawaii.

The company owns several private brands, including: Apt. 9, Sonoma, Croft & Barrow,Jumping Beans,Urban Pipeline,Moments and the Tek Gear brand.

Kohls Printable Coupons

The company is a great believer in the coupon syste. The aim is ofcourse for the coupons to entice people to visit the store and spend a great deal more than they probably intended. But you can take good advantage of the deals, if you keep your eyes open. Here on this page we aim to report the newst deals and promotions, plus to provide coupon codes and links to printable coupons, as they become available. Note, that coupons expire fairly quickly and some coupons and promo codes on the page may have expired.

But keep checking back for the latest discounts.

These are Kohls policies for using coupons:

The Kohl’s stores are following the same policy for pricing all over the country. The offers and discounts are generally the same both in-store and online.

Customers can order and use 2 promotional coupon codes at a time.

There are generally FREE shipping available, if you are buying items for more than 75$ online.

Getting Kohls coupons:

A popular way to get major Kohls coupons for in-store use is to apply for and use the Kohl’s credit card. You will find that they regularly send you coupons in your mail and email if you sign up for this credit card deal.

Check your ‘junkmail’, if you live close to a Kohls store. The company often mails out good, working coupons for local residents.

Kohls also operate a ‘Daily Deal page on their website, which is frequently updated. It is definately worth checking out, before you head to the store.

Another example of the yearly January Sale coupon, this one for 20% off everything (Great deal!).

Kohls Cash Coupons:

Kohls sometimes offer a cashback deal, if you spend a certain amout. A ‘Kohl’s Cash coupon’ will be sent to you via e-mail, when these promotions are running. You can then just print out the Kohl’s Cash coupon and take it to your nearest Kohls Department Store. Alternatively, you just need to enter the coupon number and pin at checkout on Kohls.com if you are still shopping online.

Kohls Coupon Codes:

The Kohls printable coupons also include a ‘coupon code’ or ‘promo code’ printed on the front. This is the number that you have to enter at checkout, if you shop at www.kohls.com. Below we have added a few coupon code examples and newer ones will be added to the comment section as the year progresses.

Where can I find the newest Kohls coupons for 30% off?

Actual Kohls 30% Off promo codes are rare and only available for a sort while, for example during January sales or Black Friday.  The deal is usually  for 30% off at Kohl’s for all purchases with a Kohl’s credit card. We will add the 30% off Kohls coupon codes in the comment section, when they become available.

Can I use different Kohls promo codes and “stack” them for extra savings?

Yes, you can use a general 10% off or 15% off Kohls coupon code with a promo code for specific departments or products and therby get up to 50% off on certain products.

Please come back regularly, as the page will be updated every month. If you come across a Kohls printable coupon or coupon code, then please post it below for others to enjoy.

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  1. 30% Off Kohls Coupon + Kohls Free Shipping code 2015 says:

    30% Off Kohls Coupon + Kohls Free Shipping code

    Kohl’s will offer 30% off all purchases with a Kohl’s card and promo code from 2/12015 through 2/18/2015.
    Use coupon code: HUGS30
    Free shipping is available with code FEBMVC at checkout. Shoppers get $10 free Kohl’s cash for every $50 spent.
    This code is stackable with up to two more category promo codes after applying the free shipping code.
    Current valid category codes:
    $10 off $50+ Jewelry & Watches with code VDAYJEWELRY (Valid through 2/17)
    $10 off $40+ men’s basics with code MENBASIC10 (Valid through 2/19)

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