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21 Sep, 2015

Papa Johns Menu Prices.

See the full Papa Johns Pizza Menu here, including 1-topping, 2-topping and 3-topping pizzas, as well as the pasta, sides and dessert menu.

Most pizza chains have focused on cheap prices, but the Papa Johns have tried to differentiate themselves from Dominos and Pizza Hut by offering a high quality product at an affordable price. You may have to pay a dollar more for your pizza at Papa Johns, but most customers dont mind, as long as the pizza is superior.

Papa Johns Pizza Menu:

The Papa Johns Pizza menu have changed  a lot since that first restaurant 20 years ago.  You can see the menu at the companys own website at, but the website asks for your address and details, before any menu is shown. The fact is that prices vary a bit from state to state and from city to city. But many who visit their site find that the menu is confusing and time consuming to browse. However, the Papa Johns chain offers generous nationwide promotions and deals, and the promotion prices are usually the same all over th eUS and the UK.

However, we have made life easier for you by showing the whole Papa Johns Menu one page. The prices are general prices and may vary slightly in your area.

Also, please note that PapaJohns doesnt offer a deep pan pizza choice.

Papa Johns Menu with prices.


Papa Johns Pizzas

Originals and Thin Crust

Cheese (Original) Small $8.00
Cheese (Original) Medium $10.00
Cheese (Original) Large $12.00
Cheese (Original) Extra Large $14.00
Cheese (Thin) Large $12.00
John’s Favorite (Original) Small $13.00
John’s Favorite (Original) Medium $15.00
John’s Favorite (Original) Large $17.00
John’s Favorite (Original) Extra Large $19.00
John’s Favorite (Thin) Large $17.00
Pepperoni (Original) Small $8.75
Pepperoni (Original) Medium $11.00
Pepperoni (Original) Large $13.25
Pepperoni (Original) Extra Large $15.50
Pepperoni (Thin) Large $13.25
Sausage (Original) Small $8.75
Sausage (Original) Medium $11.00
Sausage (Original) Large $13.25
Sausage (Original) Extra Large $15.50
Sausage (Thin) Large $13.25
Sausage and Pepperoni (Original) Small $9.50
Sausage and Pepperoni (Original) Medium $12.00
Sausage and Pepperoni (Original) Large $14.50
Sausage and Pepperoni (Original) Extra Large $17.00
Sausage and Pepperoni (Thin) Large $14.50
Ultimate Meats (Original) Small $13.00
Ultimate Meats (Original) Medium $15.00
Ultimate Meats (Original) Large $17.00
Ultimate Meats (Original) Extra Large $19.00
Ultimate Meats (Thin) Large $17.00
Spicy Pulled Pork (Original) Small $13.00
Spicy Pulled Pork (Original) Medium $15.00
Spicy Pulled Pork (Original) Large $17.00
Spicy Pulled Pork (Original) Extra Large $19.00
Spicy Pulled Pork (Thin) Large $17.00
The Works (Original) Small $13.00
The Works (Original) Medium $15.00
The Works (Original) Large $17.00
The Works (Original) Extra Large $19.00
The Works (Thin) Large $17.00
The Meats (Original) Small $13.00
The Meats (Original) Medium $15.00
The Meats (Original) Large $17.00
The Meats (Original) Extra Large $19.00
The Meats (Thin) Large $17.00
Buffalo Chicken (Original) Small $13.00
Buffalo Chicken (Original) Medium $15.00
Buffalo Chicken (Original) Large $17.00
Buffalo Chicken (Original) Extra Large $19.00
Buffalo Chicken (Thin) Large $17.00
Garden Fresh (Original) Small $13.00
Garden Fresh (Original) Medium $15.00
Garden Fresh (Original) Large $17.00
Garden Fresh (Original) Extra Large $19.00
Garden Fresh (Thin) Large $17.00
Spicy Italian (Original) Small $13.00
Spicy Italian (Original) Medium $15.00
Spicy Italian (Original) Large $17.00
Spicy Italian (Original) Extra Large $19.00
Spicy Italian (Thin) Large $17.00
Spinach Alfredo (Original) Small $13.00
Spinach Alfredo (Original) Medium $15.00
Spinach Alfredo (Original) Large $17.00
Spinach Alfredo (Original) Extra Large $19.00
Spinach Alfredo (Thin) Large $17.00
BBQ Chicken Bacon (Original) Small $13.00
BBQ Chicken Bacon (Original) Medium $15.00
BBQ Chicken Bacon (Original) Large $17.00
BBQ Chicken Bacon (Original) Extra Large $19.00
BBQ Chicken Bacon (Thin) Large $17.00
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken (Original) Small $13.00
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken (Original) Medium $15.00
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken (Original) Large $17.00
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken (Original) Extra Large $19.00
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken (Thin) Large $17.00
Tuscan Six Cheese (Original) Small $13.00
Tuscan Six Cheese (Original) Medium $15.00
Tuscan Six Cheese (Original) Large $17.00
Tuscan Six Cheese (Original) Extra Large $19.00
Tuscan Six Cheese (Thin) Large $17.00
Double Bacon 6 Cheese (Original) Small $13.00
Double Bacon 6 Cheese (Original) Medium $15.00
Double Bacon 6 Cheese (Original) Large $17.00
Double Bacon 6 Cheese (Original) Extra Large $19.00
Double Bacon 6 Cheese (Thin) Large $17.00
Grilled Chicken Club (Original) Small $13.00
Grilled Chicken Club (Original) Medium $15.00
Grilled Chicken Club (Original) Large $17.00
Grilled Chicken Club (Original) Extra Large $19.00
Grilled Chicken Club (Thin) Large $17.00
Chicken Cordon BL (Original) Small $13.00
Chicken Cordon BL (Original) Medium $15.00
Chicken Cordon BL (Original) Large $17.00
Chicken Cordon BL (Original) Extra Large $19.00
Chicken Cordon BL (Thin) Large $17.00

Papa Johns Sides

Breadsticks $5.99
Parmesan Breadsticks $5.99
Pep Jack Bacon Cstix 10 in. $6.00
6 Cheese Breadsticks 10 in. $6.50
6 Cheese Breadsticks 12 in. $7.50
Cheese Sticks 10 in. $5.99
Cheese Sticks 12 in. $6.99
Bacon Cheese Sticks 10 in. $6.49
Bacon Cheese Sticks 12 in. $7.49
Papa’s Chicken Poppers 10 Pc. $5.00
Papa’s Chicken Poppers 15 Pc. $6.99
Papa’s Chicken Poppers 30 Pc. $12.00
Papa’s Chicken Poppers 45 Pc. $18.00
Papa’s Chicken Poppers 60 Pc. $24.00
Sweet Chili Wings 8 Pc. $6.99
Sweet Chili Wings 16 Pc. $13.98
Sweet Chili Wings 24 Pc. $19.97
Sweet Chili Wings 32 Pc. $24.96
Sweet Chili Wings 50 Pc. $37.49
Spicy Buffalo Wings 8 Pc. $6.99
Spicy Buffalo Wings 16 Pc. $13.98
Spicy Buffalo Wings 24 Pc. $19.97
Spicy Buffalo Wings 32 Pc. $24.96
Spicy Buffalo Wings 50 Pc. $37.49
BBQ Wings 8 Pc. $6.99
BBQ Wings 16 Pc. $13.98
BBQ Wings 24 Pc. $19.97
BBQ Wings 32 Pc. $24.96
BBQ Wings 50 Pc. $37.49
Honey Chipotle Wings 8 Pc. $6.99
Honey Chipotle Wings 16 Pc. $13.98
Honey Chipotle Wings 24 Pc. $19.97
Honey Chipotle Wings 32 Pc. $24.96
Honey Chipotle Wings 50 Pc. $37.49
Unsauced Wings 8 Pc. $6.99
Unsauced Wings 16 Pc. $13.98
Unsauced Wings 24 Pc. $19.97
Unsauced Wings 32 Pc. $24.96
Unsauced Wings 50 Pc. $37.49

Drinks and Sodas

Pepsi 20 oz. $1.59
Pepsi 2 Liter $2.69
Diet Pepsi 20 oz. $1.59
Diet Pepsi 2 Liter $2.69
Mountain Dew 20 oz. $1.59
Mountain Dew 2 Liter $2.69
Diet Mountain Dew 20 oz. $1.59
Diet Mountain Dew 2 Liter $2.69
Pepsi Max 20 oz. $1.59
Pepsi Max 2 Liter $2.69
Sierra Mist 20 oz. $1.59
Sierra Mist 2 Liter $2.69
Aquafina 20 oz. $1.59
Gatorade Fruit Punch 20 oz. $1.59

Dessert Menu

Cinnapie $3.99
Cinnapie X Icing $4.74
Family Chocolate Chip Cookie $6.00
Chocolate Chip Cookie Icing $6.49

Pizza Sauces

Special Garlic $0.75
Barbeque $0.75
Blue Cheese $0.75
Buffalo $0.75
Cheese $0.75
Honey Mustard $0.75
Pizza $0.75
Ranch $0.75

Extra Toppings

Add these extras to your pizza.

Pepperoncini $0.75
Jalapeño Peppers $0.50
Parmesan Cheese Free
Crushed Red Pepper Free
Special Seasonings $0.50
Banana Peppers $0.50
Anchovies $1.49

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Papa Johns home page can be found here: Papa Pizza.

Please make sure that you check out our Papa Johns coupon code page for the latest Papa Johns deals.

You can save up to 50% on regular prices Papa Johns Menu items with a valid promo code.

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