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21 Sep, 2015

Papa Murphys Coupons & Special Deals.

See all Papa Murphys Coupons, deals and specials for 2015 on one page here.

The Papa Murphys pizza restaurant chain routinely offers specials, deals and printable coupons to entice new customers to visit the restaurant. The pizza restaurant market is very competitive and the national restaurant chains are all keen to expand.  The coupon system is much-used by the pizza restaurant chains as a marketing tool, and by the customers, as a way to save money.

We will add the latest printable Papa Murphys coupons and promotional coupon codes in the comment section, for you to browse for free. Please note that some coupon codes may already have expired by the time you read this, but newer codes will be added as the year rolls by.


New Papa Murphy promo codes will be added  in the comment section. Keep checking back.

Papa Murphys Printable coupons:

Here is an example of a Papa murphys printable coupon that expired end of January 2012, which gives you 2$ off your order:

Papa Murphys printable coupons 2012/2013

An example of A Papa Murphys printable coupon for January 2012 for 2$ off any pizza.

Another example of printable Papa Murphys coupons:

Papa Murphys coupons 2012-2013 printable

Please do not duplicate, print or copy these Papa Murphys’s coupons.

Papa Murphys eClub:

The company also operates its only coupon and deals club, through its website at:

Here you can sign up by email and get the current promotion details sent directly to your email as they come online. You need to signup with your email address, of course, but the club is free.

You can also enter you mobile number, and get coupon codes and deals sent directly to your mobiles phone as well. This method is become more common for coupons in general, though many people are still hesitant with handing over their cell phone numbers to corporations, due to the fear of spam.

Usually, PapaMurphy’s will email you a birthday deal on your birthday if you sign up for their club.

What is Papa Murphys?

Papa Murphy’s is a take-and-bake pizza company. Unlike regular pizza restaurants, the pizza is made at the Papa Murphys store but is not baked there. The customers bake the pizzas at their own homes. Take-and-bake pizzerias therefore typically have lower costs and they are often able to undercut the national pizza giants.

There are currently over 1,250 stores in 37 states plus Canada.

The Papa Murphys  history started back in 1981, with the Papa Aldo’s Pizza chain in Oregon. The Murphy’s Pizza chain name then began in Petaluma, California 3 years later. Both were bought and merged by Terry Collins. In 2010, the chain was sold to Lee Equity Partners of New York.

The company operates by taking orders from both walk-in and call-in customers (and also  online orders soon). Some stores also have a drive-thru window.

Papa Murphy’s specialize in pizzas but also offers salads, cheesy bread, cinnamon wheels, soft drinks and in some stores, lasagnas, as well.

If you come across a working coupon or coupon code online, then please add it yourself in the comment section for others to enjoy.

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10 Deals & Coupons

  1. Papa Murphys Printable Coupons for 2015 says:

    Papa Murphys Printable Coupons for 2015: Save 50% Off Your Second Pizza.
    See coupons at: Ends 5/27/2015. Ends 6/01/2015.

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  2. Save 10% on Papa Murphys Gift Cards says:

    Here is a great tip: You can now save 10$ on Papa Murphys Gift Cards at .
    For example, buy a 100$ gift card and pay only 90$

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  3. Papa Murphys printable coupon: FAVES meal for 10$: says:

    Papa Murphys printable coupons:
    Get a FAVES meal for just 10$:
    Get a Large FAVES Pizza, a 2-liter soft drink & a side of Cheesy Bread, Cookie Dough, Cinnamon Wheel or Dessert Pizza for just $10. Valid for a limited time only

    See coupon at:

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  4. jon gaecke says:

    glad your now in fl.we have missed you since we moved from texas

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  5. Pizza Coupons says:

    New PapapMurphys printable coupons:
    $6 Pepperoni DeLite Pizza
    $7 Hawaiian or 2 Topping Pizza
    $8 Papa’s Perfect Pizza
    $9 Gourmet chicken Garlic Pizza
    08/31/12. Find the coupon here: http://

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  6. Pizza Coupons says:

    New Papa Murphys coupon for a Free Mini Murph™ Pizza Kit with the purchase of any pizza at regular price. Kits are complete with Fresh Dough, Pizza Sauce, Mozzarella, and your choice of Cheese or Pepperoni toppings.

    Offer expires 8/31/12. Limit 3 per person. Not valid with any other offer. Valid at participating US locations only. Not valid in Alaska or Canada. Find it here: http://

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  7. theresa floresa says:

    We like and enjoy papa murphy’s pizza. the prices are good and the the coupons are even better…

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  8. Pizza Coupons says:

    2$ off printable coupon here:

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  9. Pizza Coupons says:

    PAPA MURPHYS PIZZA Coupon code:

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  10. Pizza Coupons says:

    Printable Papa Murphys coupon for free cookie dog with regular price pizza. Expires: 02/29/2012

    Printable Papa Murphys coupon for $4 off any family size pizzas
    Expires: 02/29/2012.

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