Starbucks Hours

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Starbucks Hours.

What time does Starbucks close?

What time does Starbucks open?

When does Starbucks open on Sundays and Saturdays?

Learn about the typical Starbucks hours of operation and weekend opening times here.

Starbucks Hours of Operation.

Starbucks have added are store locator that allows you to easily determine your local Starbucks opening hours. You find it here:

You can also use Google Maps to search for a Starbucks location, then click on it, and the opening times will be revealed.

In general, 75% of Starbucks big city locations open at 5 A.M. and close at between 10 P.M. and 10:30 P.M, but opening times vary widely. In weekends most close between 10:30 P.M and 11:30 P.M.

Starbucks stores in smaller cities tend to open at 5 A.M and close at 6 P.M.  In malls, Starbucks stores close when the mall closes.

It is up to the individual franchise owner to determine the opening hours.

Most Starbucks coffee houses remain open on Thanksgiving, Black Friday and on Christmas Day.

See the Starbucks Secret menu.

We have added the full list of “Secret” Starbucks drinka nd menu items here:

Starbucks Secret Menu.

See the Full Starbucks Menu with prices.

We have also added the full Starbucks drinks and food menu here:

Starbucks menu.

-Starbucks Hours of Operation- 

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