Taco Bell Hours

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Taco Bell Breakfast Hours & Taco Bell Hours.

What time does Taco bell stop serving breakfast?
What time does Taco Bell start serving breakfast?
When does Taco Bell stop serving breakfast on saturdays and sundays?

Find the answers here.

We have added a guide to Taco Bell breakfast hours and general hours of operation below.

Taco Bell Hours of Operation.

Taco Bell has added a Store Locator at www.tacobell.com/store-locator, but unfortunately it does not show all restaurant opening hours, though it is worth a try.

Typical opening hours are:

MONDAY: 7:00AM1:00AM
FRIDAY: 7:00AM2:00AM
SUNDAY: 7:00AM1:00AM


However, the closing hours varies greatly, with many inner city and big city locations staying open until 2 AM, 3 AM or even 4AM. Some stores are open 24/7, but these are increasingly rare.

Taco Bell Breakfast Hours.

Does Taco Bell serve breakfast all day? The short answer is no.

Taco Bell generally serves breakfast from:

7 A.M. to 11 A.M.

Taco Bell restaurants, which are 24 hours, start breakfast at 5 AM and until 11 AM.

Some busy Taco Bell locations will serve breakfast for extended hours, but 90% of restaurant will stop serving breakfast at 11 AM. Taco Bell starts serving lunch at 10 AM. Since 2014, Taco Bell has prioritied the fast food breakfast market heavily, and now all Taco Bell locations offer the breakfast menu. Breakfast is the fastest-growing category for restaurant brands.

Taco Bell Breakfast Menu.

We have added the full Taco Bell Breakfast Menu with prices here:

Taco Bell Breakfast Menu.

Taco Bell Menu with prices.

The entire Taco Bell menu with prices can be viewed here:

Taco Bell Menu Prices.

-The Taco Bell Breakfast Hours & Taco Bell Hours.-

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